Our Services

Rock IT's mission statement is to
design and develop cost-effective software solutions to fit specific business requirements. Our projects typically involve database development and range from financial applications through to Ecommerce. Our typical customers are small to medium sized businesses looking to make efficiency gains in their business through tailored software.

We are unique in Gibraltar because our focus is 100% on software development. We often find that many other companies offer development through staff who's primary role is everyday IT support. We instead focus on what we know and do best - software development - partnering at times with our preferred partners to offer hardware installation, training and other support options.

Bespoke Software Development

Screen1A tailored solution supports and enhances existing business processes. It can empower companies to cost-effectively reach new levels of functionality and efficiency far beyond the typical “off the shelf” packages. It can help growing companies improve their productivity without hiring new staff or making dramatic structural changes.

Typically, we develop heavily customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases for small to medium sized companies to help with sales and accounting processes. These systems automate key business activities to raise the quality of their service.

Our focus is on developing solutions using industry standard technologies, such as Microsoft SQL Server and .NET. Our developers have experience in most main stream technologies. We use project management methodologies to deliver software in a timely and cost effective manner, as well as follow industry coding standards and practices.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries from car distributor sales systems through to larger compliance and portfolio management systems for International Banks.

With every project, we work closely with the client onsite to develop a solution that meets requirements and budget. Depending on the requirements, solutions may either be developed from scratch or built upon existing systems.

Our Development Approach

With every software project we undertake, we always follow a structured approach to managing the project. It is always of utmost importance to us to maintain our reputation for cost-effectively delivering a project on time and within budget expectations.

For smaller projects of several weeks, we often follow a process of evolutionary prototyping. This technique essentially comprises a series of workshop meetings with the client to discuss and determine their requirements. These requirements are then used to develop prototype versions of the required software which are along the way refined into the eventual solution. For larger projects, we are happy to adopt more complex methodologies as per your requirements such as PRINCE2 and AGILE under the guidance of a project manager.

We will usually offer to work onsite, if the client so wishes. We believe this often gives the client the big advantage of greater involvement in the ongoing development project to help ensure the delivered product meets all expectations.

Typically a larger project will involve an initial study to determine your requirements and also to propose possible solutions. This study will then provide the framework and planning for the development of the eventual solution.

All our developers are IT postgraduates, with a range of between 4 and 16 years experience in developing solutions utilising mainstream development tools. Some of our developers have a background in the City, while others have experience in a diverse range of industries ranging from the automotive sector to retail accounting.

We often supplement our in-house Microsoft skills by utilising close partnerships with organisations and contractors who are experts in specific areas - such as professional training, photography, graphics design and java development. We also have experience in outsourcing IT projects to India and other countries to offer for long term development and support contracts.